7 Impactful tips for creating a great customer service for e-commerce business

7 Impactful tips for creating a great customer service for e-commerce business
7 Impactful tips for creating a great customer service for e-commerce business

Building a great customer service system is mandatory for you as an e-commerce entrepreneur. If you can ensure an effective customer experience, you will get a real competitive advantage for the business. You can read an article to know more about how to build trust and loyalty through customer service in e-commerce.

7 impactful tips for creating great customer service for your e-commerce business entity:

1. Make a true omnichannel support system

Omnichannel customer support means creating a combined, multipurpose support system. It may include call centre, email, social media, live chat, blog posts etc. The support system should be for a seamless, positive customer experience.

The great purpose of multichannel customer support is, that there is no limit on customers’ contact way and time. The first time the customer can contact via call centre then can again contact via email or live chat. Your support team should identify them perfectly. Even the first time the customer may communicate with one support staff then later he/she may knock on other staff via live chat or email. Every knock should be synchronized and combined seamlessly and perfectly.

This is nice, right? Yes, omnichannel customer support ensures this great customer experience. Every communication channel should be integrated and unified. So that you can be consistent with the customer’s claim or query. You need not retrieve any previous conversation that the customer may need to repeat. It’s bad. So I hope you got the target of omnichannel customer support.

2. Build a great customer support team

A customer support team is the main pillar of your entire service echo system. Whether you use the latest technology including an integrated call centre, helpdesk software or live chat app, the leaders are the support team. They will lead and manage all tools and technology, right?

So you should hire the right people for the customer service team. They should have the correct public relations behaviour. Their attitude should be perfect-mannered. So this is very important to select the right people for the support team. You can follow some principal aspects of hiring the team:

  • Training & Skilling: Be sure of your team’s skillset. Train up the team member with the required customer service delivery. You can go through product-specific training for them. So that your staff can perform expertly in the specific manner of the job they are doing. There are lots of courses online and traditional training centres. You can pick the right course for your team. And it’s helpful. Do your best.
  • Processes and Policy: You should define the right system process and the customer service policy. So your service delivery team can follow strickly. Make a standard practice of providing excellent customer service to your customer seamlessly.
  • Tools & Infrastructure: Nowadays, there are lots of tools for providing the best customer service. Technology is there to help. So try to organise and manage appropriate service delivery tools and infrastructure for your support team.

3. Be consistent

Do your best to be consistent in your service delivery and customer support. Sometimes you do your best and sometimes you don’t, which is not a good practice for getting returning customers. So keep the consistency of your service delivery. Because the customer expects a consistent pattern. So delivering the service at the beginning should be maintained for the next time and the all-time. This is sustainable.

Don’t do extreme highs and extreme lows. Just keep the same standard all-time for all of your service channels. The customers keep it in mind for come again to buy your products. So try to develop a stable & consistent support system. Make the team for it. Arrange the required infrastructure to deal with the standard. You will get the benefit, no doubt. 

4. Receive customer feedback

Customer feedback is valuable to your business. So make a system that will receive the customers’ feedback on what they are thinking about your product and service. They can think of your alternatives. They may not like your products or they may have any complaints. So receive their questions and queries in a gentle and polite manner. Then make a nice reply to them.

Maybe some customers can expect what you don’t have really. Act honestly and explain your best. Honestly and politely try to convince them with your existing standard product and service. Some of them are convinced for sure. It’s your achievement. 

Keep in mind that your business is online-based. So anytime a customer can go viral about your bad service. It will affect your e-commerce business in the long run. So note it seriously. Handle the angry customer with your good behaviour and gentle manner of service delivery. Train your team about receiving the customer’s claim and query. It’s crucial.

Be fast to respond. No one likes to wait. So be fast to reply to your customers, especially those who are claiming. Take their claim and query passionately and solve it fast. Because long waits and lengthy replies will kill your reputation. So handle it professionally and politely. Make the customers happy.

5. Be friendly to your customers

Friendly assistance can give your customers a good feeling. Most of the customers like the assistance behaviour. Sometimes a new customer can’t get the right way to buy a product, maybe they can’t understand the process of choosing the right item for them. You should have the assistance to them.

To provide good assistance to your customers, you need to add the right chatbot which can guide a customer in a perfect manner. You may offer a phone call to assist them. It’s important to make a good sale for your e-commerce business.

Your shopping cart should be flexible to add or remove any item for any step. So the customers can feel like they are independent to decide. It should have the option to increase and decrease the item quantity at any time before making the payment. So make it flexible and friendly. Please note that restrictions are a bad thing for getting returning customers for e-commerce businesses.   

6. Make a clear shipping policy

Shipping is the most critical and important part of an e-commerce business. You should declare the shipping process clearly and transparently. It may take a bit longer time, no problem. Customers will accept it. It may be costly. That is also okay for the customers. But they want to be clear about the exact duration and the exact cost. So just need to make clear to your customers the following matters:

  1. Order finalizing time
  2. Available shipping methods
  3. Shipping or delivery time
  4. Shipping methods cost
  5. Additional charges if any such as packing, taxes, duties, vats etc.
  6. Delay time such as weekends, holidays etc.
  7. Other issues or terms if any

7. Make a clear return & refund policy

In an e-commerce business, you have the option to receive payments. So you must include a Return & Refund Policy. It is required by law. Make sure that your Return & Refund Policy ensures that you stay in line with your legal obligations along with good business practices.

But creating an e-commerce return policy is not so easy. It may seem like a hassle. But you should make a great return and refund policy to keep happy your customers and coming them back to your store. So your return and refund policy should have the following clear points:

  1. A suitable time limit for returns
  2. Define the expected condition of returns
  3. Define the conditions for a refund such as money back or exchange
  4. Don’t practice any hidden terms
  5. Disclose the charges if any
  6. Define other terms if any 
  7. Widely visible your return & refund policy

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