7 Popular dropshipping suppliers

dropshipping suppliers
dropshipping suppliers

Supplier selection is not so easy part for a dropshipping business. You must need to handle it professionally and carefully. Here I pointed out 7 popular dropshipping suppliers for the newcomers in this business. There are a lot of facts that need to be considered for choosing the right dropshipping suppliers. It’s a very important and crucial part of the dropshipping business plan.

Maybe you know the demand for the products which you want to sell, but the quality service from the dropshipping suppliers can affect your selling. Because that part is not in your hands. Dropshipping suppliers need to provide professional and smart service. You have to choose them. It’s vital.

Here I’m going to mention some good dropshipping suppliers for you. You can get the proper tips and tricks for selecting the best one among them. You can differentiate the dropshipping vendors and dropshipping wholesalers also. I think you should know this part for your dropshipping business planning. Then you will gain a successful sale. So keep reading.

Dropshipping suppliers are very important

The right dropshipping suppliers are essential to every dropshipping business. Because in the end, your customers will get their products from the suppliers, not from you. You don’t have the products. Products are there in the house of the dropshipping suppliers. So when you get an order from a customer via your website, the order or the product will be delivered by the supplier. So the good service of the supplier is a vital fact for your future sales and growth.

Dropshipping vendors vs. dropshipping wholesalers

Who are dropshipping vendors and who are the suppliers? It’s very important to understand for you.

The dropshipping vendors can supply a limited or certain product category or niche. Usually, they charge a higher unit price than dropshipping wholesalers. Dropshipping vendors are ideal for unique items or rare product categories.

On the other hand, drop shipping wholesalers can supply a bulk range of products. They supply at a very low cost. So working with wholesalers, you can set a low price for the customers. Now the policy is yours. Decide that how you will do the business. Then choose the options. The dropshipping wholesaler or the vendor. Think and decide before proceeding.

7 Popular dropshipping suppliers in 2022

Nowadays, there are so many dropshipping suppliers and vendors. But here I tried to give you the best in 2022 by their popularity, product range and service quality. Check out the list:


AliExpress is a giant dropshipping platform for international e-commerce stores and dropshipping service providers. It is popular for wholesale and supplies a wide range of products. Here most of the products are based by Chinese manufacturers. You can buy and sell any items worldwide using the AliExpres drop shipping service. They are free for you.

AliExpress takes 15 days to 45 days for reaching the products to the customer’s location worldwide. Premium shipping takes 15 working days approximately. So you can use AliExpress service for US customers also.

AliExpress is a big giant in dropshipping and the e-commerce industry. They are a Chinese platform. They have almost 100 million products. The item includes consumer electronics, household items, fashion, baby toys, skincare, jewellery, furniture, bikes, cars, different types of machinery etc. You can get almost all of your niche items here to buy and sell.

AliExpress doesn’t have any extra charge for dropshipping partners. So you can go ahead with AliExpress confidently.


Automizely is an Aliexpress-based dropshipping platform. Here you can easily find awesome products to sell online. So automizely can be your suitable dropshipping supplier.

You can access so many varieties of different products on AliExpress with Automizely. It is easy to select your suitable niche from here such as fashion, electronics, toys, beauty, or the next trending product. Whatever you want to select your niche item, Automizely makes it easy. It is appropriate for you to find products from dropshipping suppliers all over the world. So instantly you can add them to your online store and start selling.

Typically Aliexpress suppliers offer various types of shipping methods for delivering products to the customer’s given address. You may choose to get the products shipped via ePacket, China Express Post, AliExpress Shipping or UPS, DHL, FedEx etc. Moreover, the suppliers may have offices in different countries. So the delivery times can vary depending on the location where you want to get the item to be delivered.

Automizely has a free plan to add their item to your dropshipping store. You can use Automizely to start selling today. Keep going.


Printful is a print-on-demand drop shipping service for selling custom products online. With Printful, your customers can select from a wide range of artwork to be printed on t-shirts, hoodies, caps, laptop cases, and other items. After getting the order, the Printful suppliers make ready the products and ship them directly to the customer’s address. Then you will get a tracking number after shipping the item.

Besides the item customization, Printful offers to deliver products in branded packaging also. So you can put branded labels, item inserts, and stickers on the cardboard boxes. Also, you can get Printful’s partnership scope with the best global carriers to access discount shipping rates.

The package price of Printful’s dropshipping service starts at $29 per month. It includes access to the company’s product personalization tool.


GlowRoad is basically a Shopify dropshipping app. It provides a list of world-class suppliers that Indian e-commerce stores mostly use. With the GlowRoad app, you can dropship the products to the USA, Australia, Europe, Canada, and more than 20 countries. They have a wide range of high-potential products with over 10,000+ to choose from. All products are checked manually by the quality inspection team in the GlowRoad warehouse. It’s very important to your goodwill for future growth.

You can keep track of your orders with an auto-generated tracking number after a package is sent out. So it’s easy to track its movement in real-time. Moreover, GlowRoad offers to ship all items in an order together in a single package. So your customers will get their all items in a single package. Interesting, right? The customer will like it for sure.

GlowRoad is free for all dropshipping entrepreneurs. Just you need to pay only for the products you purchase. Sounds great, is not it?


DropnShop is a French-based dropshipping app for online stores. It deals with thousands of leading French products manufactured in Franch. You can choose DropnShop for international customers also. Because international shipping is available there at a reasonable cost.

DropnShop is one of the best dropshipping suppliers with its most favourable criteria of French legislation. Most of the items here are of the best quality and are durable. Whether it’s skincare or baby toys, most of them are high-standard products made in France. So your customer will get the best one.

DropnShop has $14 per month for a family plan. You may choose it for your online dropshipping store.


PlusBuyer is a dropshipping wholesaler company based on electronic items. You can choose many varieties of items including consumer electronics, gift materials, digital items, gadgets etc. PlusBuyer supplies products directly from Chinese manufacturers at an affordable cost.

PlusBuyer doesn’t disclose their invoices or any publicity materials with the product packages when sending the items to the customers. So the customers can feel that they are getting the items from your company, not from PlusBuye or others. It will increase your store’s brand value. People can guess that you run a big shopping store online. Also, PlusBuyer checks carefully to prevent fraudulent activity. If the billing address is different from the shipping address of a customer, then the customer may need to verify their payment accounts such as PayPal. They do like this. 

PlusBuyer service charge for dropshipping depends. You can contact them for their service charge. Then you will know the price deal offered for the dropshipping stores.


Megagoods is basically a low-cost niche product supplier. It’s based in California with an inventory of two thousand plus electronics items. They don’t have the largest item catalogue. But there you get some of the dependable and highly efficient items including Coby, Lasonic, Memorex etc.

Megagoods ensure the following points:

Great Selection of Brand Name Items

Fast and Efficient Processing

Private Label Shipping

PCI Compliance

EDI Compliance

Megagoods has a package for dropshipping stores. That is $14.99 per month and there is an additional $1.50 fee per order also. So you need to calculate the total cost before setting the item price in your online store.


The SaleHoo supplier directory lists more than 8,000 wholesalers. They offer dropship and seem to cater heavily to merchants using eBay and Amazon dropshipping. Although we’ve never used SaleHoo to source products, it’s a $67 annual price. It is one of the most compelling values among supplier directories. It includes a 60-day money-back guarantee also.

SaleHoo is based on eBay and Amazon platforms. But their inventory source is AliExpress. They have more than 8 thousand wholesalers. They are offering dropshipping in the US, UK and Australia. SaleHoo has a nice feature for drop shippers. This is a 60-day money-back guarantee. It’s amazing service, right?

You can find a variety of trending and profitable niches. Then import items directly to your Shopify store.

SaleHoo’s dropshipping package starts from $27 per month. You will get 1 sub-user account with this basic package. But you can use the directory free of cost.

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