8 Popular customer service channels for e-commerce business

popular customer service channels for e-commerce
popular customer service channels for e-commerce

Customer service is a vital part of the e-commerce business entity. Not only in the e-commerce business, but it’s most important in traditional business also. So how to choose the popular customer service channels for e-commerce business? A big question, right?

Nowadays, customers are using a wide range of communication channels. They have a presence in all mediums keeping with the old also. People are using phones along with social media, and email. They read blogs, and newspapers online. They do shopping from the traditional outlet still. So you need to keep in mind that you have to choose the best and right customer service channels to support them. It will make your business unique.

In a traditional outlet-based business, the customer can go to their physical store and can claim if they have or can talk to them directly. But our business is based on the internet. You are an online store. So how they will communicate with you? Actually, they can communicate with you in several ways of communication channels but which are the best? I’m trying to mention the right things to you in this article. So keep reading.

Choosing the best customer service channel

Every customer service channel has its unique way to meet the customers’ needs in different ways. You can choose the best from them. Even you can arrange alternatives also. Actually, you should have alternatives. Because all of your customers will not like to use the same channel to communicate. Even they may have a preference also. So you need to establish the alternatives.

Think, about how your customers currently communicate with you and find the gap or holes if any. Then fill it up with an alternative and best channel. It will increase your returning customer list. So think of it and boost your sales.

Generally, customer service is exclusively offered via call centres. It’s like the traditional process grown over the years. But now it’s time to use a variety of platforms and channels. So you can think about the following alternative popular channels for your customer service:

1. Phone

Yeah, you know it, the phone calls are very old but still it’s the most comfortable than email or speaking through a chatbot. The outcome of the phone call support is tremendous.

According to some online research, 36% of respondents over the age of 56 have chosen phone calls as their preferred communication channel. But the younger demographics, such as the respondent’s age of below 50 like the phone call as of 22%.

Sometimes, phone call support is mandatory. Such as billing inquiries, banking transactions, medical inquiries etc. So you need to consider phone call support along with other methods available nowadays.

2. Email

Email communication is still applicable to a customer support channel list. It meets a wide range of communication needs. There are over billions of email users in the world. So you can’t avoid the method, right?

Email support is excellent for multipurpose use. Someone can attach any screenshot and can send video records along with the text. A customer can report any product damage issue by sending a picture via email easily.

Moreover, it allows for asynchronous communication. So a single customer support person can maintain multiple conversations simultaneously. It’s a big plus. You can reduce your human resource cost.

3. Live chat

In the current busy life, live chat is more popular than other customer service methods. A customer can explain more interactively via live chat. The most advanced benefit of live chat is – you need not wait for the getting update. You can talk right now and can get your problem solved instantly. So it’s suitable.

Live chat has other significant features such as you can text, talking, sharing images, videos and can do more. Even you need not fix any device. You can use your phone, or tab or can use the computer to use the live chat channel.

The happiness ratings of the customers are high for the live chat channels. Most live chat users can give positive feedback after getting support using it. Whether they don’t give any feedback while using the phone call or the email channels. So it’s quite popular.

4. Chatbot & self-service

Self-service is the priority to a customer support channel whether they can solve their issue by themselves, they no longer wait for your support team. Because everybody hates to wait, right? So set up a chatbot along with other self-service channels.

A chatbot can be the best self-service way where the customer can get their answers automatically themselves. No need to wait for a customer service guy. A chatbot has the all common answers to reply. Artificial intelligence made it like that. So think of it.

A self-service channel may have the option to read any blog and watch videos for giving the customer queries. So many customers can get the right information themselves at the same time. It’s the beauty of self-service customer support. Is not it?

5. Social media

At the present time, social media is not only a status-sharing platform but also a great communication channel. It is widely used for social bonding, friends and family matter sharing along with business opportunities. Many entrepreneurs are running their startups through social media such as Facebook.

Facebook commerce introduces e-commerce through Facebook pages. You can open a Facebook page for any product line and can start selling. No need to buy a website for it.

So you can use the social media platform for providing customer support widely. Almost every customer has a social media profile. So, connect with them and spread your brands to them.

You can showcase your latest products there, announce the upcoming items, publish any policy matter, declare any big sale, discount etc. It’s a big plus for your online business. Actually, you can’t fulfil your e-commerce business without engaging social media into it.

6. Blog & video channel

For some types of support inquiries, being able to share your screen and browse together can be a huge game-changer. This is particularly true for highly technical conversations or tickets requiring some debugging that may be beyond the customer’s level of familiarity.

Blogs and video blogs are knowledge support channels. It’s actually a one-way communication channel but interactive. You can declare any common issue through blogs or video channels for millions of customers. They all can get the update at their places through it. No need to contact one-to-one. It’s a hugely effective way.

When you get the same issue coming from thousands of customers, then you need to answer them one by one. Just publish a video for it or write a blog. They will get the update from there seamlessly. Very nice, is not it?

7. Forums & communities

A forum is another good way of providing customer service. It’s an old technique. Forums can have many groups of member communities. So you can easily maintain a broad way of customer support service there.

It exposes customers to new ideas, prompts product and service use, and makes them satisfied. Not only that, but it also empowers the users to increase their knowledge base about the products and they can share their experiences with each other. It helps to create a sense of loyalty.

8. Messaging

Messaging is a common way of providing customer service. Every day we get some value-added service message regarding the new offer, discount coupon, big sale etc. Most of them are marketing-related. Along with this, the message coming from the banking services is very effective. Because it’s a big matter that we need to know our transaction message on our phones.

Just feel when you submit an order for getting a burger at the home and suddenly you get a message that your delivery is on the way. So you are ready to receive that.

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