Follow these 6 rules in online transactions. Fraudsters can not get close!

Day by day, rapidly increasing the use of online banking. People are going to be dependent on it. You can manage all activities regarding online banking by smartphone. It can complete all the work from home with the help of an internet connection. 

In the meantime, the fraudsters are there to steal your money. They have spread the net of deception. From time to time they are coming up with new methods of cheating. As a result, it is very important to be careful now. 

Follow the simple rules we figured out here, you will be safe from fraudsters. The confidential information on your device will not go into the hands of fraudsters in any way. Just you can follow a few tips mentioned here in the article. Then you will be risk-free in your online transactions. What are the steps you should take? Find out in this report:

Change your online banking password regularly

The most important thing when using online banking on a smartphone or your PC is to change the password. It is very important to change the password from time to time. According to cyber experts, the passwords of online banking accounts or apps need to be changed every 7 days. Not possible or hard to do it? At least try to change the password every 15 days.

Do not use net banking on public PCs

In no way should public computers be used for net banking. Because in that case, more than one user uses that public computer. As a result, your account ID password may be passed to another person. Therefore, no banking-related account should be opened on a public computer. Opening such an account on a cybercafe, or a computer used for office work is not the right decision.

Use only verified apps and websites

Multiple apps have been launched on behalf of various banks and UPI platforms. Through which it is possible to transact through different accounts. This type of app should always be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Or those who use iOS can only download from the App Store. Banking apps should not be downloaded from any other third-party app store or any other link. Also, when opening a banking website, you need to look at the name of the website. Because fraudsters often create phishing sites and steal information. That is why we always need to be careful about this.

Stay away from phishing sites

There are multiple phishing sites. Information is stolen through those sites. Fraudsters share links to such sites via mail or Whatsapp. If you click on the links on that site, all the information will go to the fraudsters. As a result, your bank account may become empty in a few moments

The computer needs to be protected

Personal computers need to be protected at all times. Because hackers can steal information by using different computer devices. As a result, you too can get into a lot of trouble. That’s why you need to be aware of personal computers. You can use any antivirus on the phone. It is also important to ensure that no pirated software is used.

Be aware of card usage

Seriously be careful when using the card during online banking or transactions. When you are neglecting the awareness of using the card for any reason, there may be a problem. There is a possibility of the card number reaches any wrong site or app, and the user can be in big danger. You can lose money!

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