How to build trust and loyalty through the customer service in e-commerce

E-commerce customer support
E-commerce customer support

In the e-commerce business, proper customer service can lead you the right way to success. Though customer service is required for traditional businesses also but in the e-commerce industry, it’s more than important because the customer orders online and can’t check the product quality before getting it delivered to their hands. So they are a little bit confused about the service. So e-commerce stores including dropshipping businesses should establish a great way of customer support system.

Customer service in e-commerce

People are buying online increasingly. It’s actually boosted since the covid-19 pandemic situation and day by day people are more habitual to shopping online. So the e-commerce sector has become a booming business now. Thousands of e-commerce stores open every month around the world to meet the online shopping demand.

Opening an e-commerce store is not so critical, but sustaining and establishing the business is quite challenging. And customer service is a vital part of the challenge. As an e-commerce entrepreneur, you have to ensure the outstanding customer service experience that leads you to keep them returning to your store. So you will get a great impact on your sales. And it matters.

If you failed to create a better customer experience, they will look to your competitor and you will lose the business. So you have to practice top-notch customer service experience. But how? Well, keep reading our blog you will get a clear idea of it.

In the brick-and-mortar business, customer service is different from the online-based business. The customer can visit them physically on the market or on the streetside. They can check the product’s condition on spot. So their customer service is very much different from an internet-based e-commerce store.

You must have to discover and distinguish the e-commerce customer service from the traditional brick-and-mortar category business. Here I will try to suggest to you some tools and techniques that you can use to achieve your customer satisfaction.  

What is e-commerce customer service?

The c-commerce customer service is actually the act of assisting new or existing online customers when they encounter questions or facing challenges they may have throughout the customer journey. It should be the goal of an e-commerce customer service team to provide a tension-free, trusted, digital shopping experience for the consumers. The service includes pre-sale and post-sale assistance to the consumers for making them happy and satisfied.

The way of providing customer service to an e-commerce business can be using the social media platform, email, phone calls, messaging, live chat etc. All of the support techniques are digital and virtual even the FAQ to the helpdesk.

So your support team should have smart conversation skills including fluent speaking and smart writing practice. Speaking is not mandatory but writing or chatting skills must be needed to reply via email, live chat, SMS etc.

Difference between e-commerce and traditional business customer service

The principal difference between traditional and e-commerce business customer service can get summed up in one word. Technology. Okay, it is a little more complicated than that, but tech plays a massive role.

Must there be some difference? Yes, that is basically the technology and technology-driven tools and features. Technology plays a vital role in customer service in the business sector now ad days.

The E-commerce business is fully dependent on the technology-based customer service solution. The customers get their entire shopping experience using technology such as smart devices (cell phones, computers), the internet, websites, social media etc. So the service system also uses the medium and tools explicitly. Whereas the traditional brick and mortar, retailers can ensure the customer is face to face interactions. That means the traditional business firm can handle the customer claim directly and can offer personalized service to make some loyal customer groups. So the e-commerce store must use technology-based tools and features to support their customers.

Some of the solutions are as the following:

  • Call centres to respond to the customer’s direct call.
  • Live chat tool to communicate with customers for providing real-time support.
  • Automated chatbots to respond to customers round the clock.
  • Use social media channels to provide massive replies to customers’ feedback.
  • Use a data analysis app to make sure of the customer’s claim and query.
  • Text and voice message gateway and software.

How to build trust and loyalty through the customer service

What does customer loyalty mean? Well, it’s a major point of sales and marketing term in every business aspect. Generally, it’s the total likeliness of a business brand. That means the customer comes to the store or retailer repeatedly. Another way you can call it returning customer. It is the result of satisfaction and positive experiences with the goods or services of the business entity that you sell to the customers.

So, to create a general customer into a returning customer is not so easy. By delivering quality products you can start the loyalty-making journey. Then you have to develop a great customer service system. Always you should mind that you have to make an alternative to the face-to-face service delivery facilities. That is a crucial point.

Always a customer expects to get personalized assistance and service. So when you speak with the customer individually, that means you give your special attention to them. Because a larger percentage of customers want to get a personalized shopping experience. So how you can satisfy them in the case of e-commerce shopping? Hmm, point. To cover the requirement, you should utilize technological tools and facilities. Here I will try to mention them in a short.

Live chat

Live chat is a great way to give your customer face to face personalised support experience. When your support team assigns a person to any customer to talk individually, then the customer feels that you took them especially. So they feel special. And there is a good possibility to get them in return sales.

Social media

E-commerce is an internet-based shopping experience. Customers who shop online must use social media regularly. So you can easily use social media to communicate with them. You can offer new products, announce any discount and can provide after-sales service through the channel perfectly. That’s very effective.

Email communication

Email communication is an important method to keep track of a customer very closely. It will give the customer a good way. They have the option to ask any query to you. It’s very personalized communication. Very effective.

Blog post

The blog post is another good way of providing a better customer service experience. A customer can get your latest updates, new arrivals, discount offers etc. from the blog.

Video channel

Video is the most powerful way of delivering information to the audience. You can closely explain any issue, give a reply to customer claims and show any feature to the customer via video channel. So the e-commerce stores should have a video channel.

Phone contact

Phone contact should be the last option to provide customer support. Because still there are some customers who need this traditional way of communication. So you can think of a call centre option for your customers.

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