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Microwave Safety: Be careful! This is a danger if you make a mistake while using the microwave

In today’s busy life, everyone lacks time. Energy like heating food out of the fridge and putting it in gas is not always available. But why worry about heating food in the microwave? Remove the food from the fridge, cool it and put it in the microwave to heat the food for a few seconds.

When heating food in the microwave, the outer layer is heated first. Then slowly the heat enters inside. Many dishes now have microwave safe. But not all of these utensils can be used in the microwave. Never put steel, aluminium foil and brown paper bags in the microwave. Here are some important rules for using a microwave.

Using a metal container?

Do not use any metal utensils in the microwave. Never heat any food wrapped in foil or brown paper in the microwave. Patties are usually served in paper packets. Do not heat this food by wrapping it on paper while heating it.

Do not eat anything disposable hot here. If best, you can use glassware.

Eating hot drinks?

Many people heat tea in the microwave. Many families have a tendency to do such things. But it is very good if you can avoid this issue. Never heat drinks in a liquid microwave. Do not heat any food that is easily combustible. If the drink is heated, it is likely to spill.

Do you put the lid on to heat the food?

Do not heat any food in the microwave while it is packed. This is because food packets are more likely to burst in the microwave. It will play both food and microwave. First, pour the food from the food packet into a microwave-proof plate. Then heat the microwave. At the same time do not allow the drink to be heated in this way.

Power on as soon as the microwave opens?

Do not power on the microwave as soon as the microwave door opens. It can be the opposite of hite. And always try to keep the food you heat away from the microwave.

Also, follow the rules when removing heated food containers from the microwave. Use gloves but do not remove them immediately. Leave the door open for at least 10 seconds. Otherwise, the person who is using it is likely to get his hands burnt.

Use the right utensils

The dishes in the microwave should be the right size. If you use large utensils from the plate, it can be dangerous to stick to the socket. There may also be electronic shocks.

Do not use the microwave as a storage unit. This can be dangerous. Just cook and heat, don’t use the microwave anymore. Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required.

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