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english course online
English course online

There are hundreds of languages ​​spread all over the world, of which English seems to be the predominant one, in all cases, it is necessary to know this language later, but in what cases it is necessary to know this language, or how important it will be in learning English. The importance of English in the present age is immense.

English is one of the most widely used languages ​​in the world. As your mother tongue, makes it easy to communicate with people in your language. English is essential for communicating with people anywhere in the world. Because all over the world, the spread of this language is established.

Increase job opportunities

You are knowledgeable in your work but only in the language you know, but in the workplace, you need skills in addition to your mother tongue. In the workplace, if you can speak, write and understand English properly, then multiple job opportunities will open up for you in the workplace.

Opportunities for freelancing

Freelancing is growing rapidly. This is where service providers get various projects on online platforms like Upwork, Freelancer etc. Clients of this national platform come from all over the world, so it is important to know the English language to communicate on this national platform.

If you are proficient in English as well as your mother tongue then you can earn money through online freelancing from home, translator, transcriptionist, etc., by keeping up with job news from all over the world.

Opportunity to study in different universities of the world

Do you dream of studying abroad? Consider applying to Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Cambridge or Oxford. If you want to take courses from these world-renowned universities then you need to learn English.

International business language

The headquarters of world business is mostly in the United Kingdom and the United States, and since English has been the dominant business language for a long time, if you want to enter as a global worker, the need to speak English is very important as business communication is mostly English. If you have a basic English language, you can understand yourself in almost every corner of the world. So learning English can really change your life.

Makes travel easier with free English courses online

Travelling anywhere will be much easier for you if you are proficient in English. Such as air travel, train schedules, reading emergency information and understanding road signs.

If you can’t find people who speak your mother tongue when you travel somewhere, then you have to face a lot of problems but if you know English then you will be sure to find someone who understands English to understand what you mean or if you have any questions.

Top language on the internet – the language of the media

The internet is mostly full of English-written content. Many of the world’s largest news stories, including TV, newspapers, magazines and radio, are in English, the international language of the media and the arts, so if you want to access as much information as you can without relying on translations, you need to be proficient in strong English.

The top 3 websites for free English courses online

If you are trying to learn English on your own at this time of the day of globalization, you are doing a great job. Now is the time to equip yourself with some great skills. In that case, being smart in English will definitely take you one step further in the workplace. But how is that possible? How can you learn English online at home? Let’s find out the details of the 3 best websites that offer free English courses online.


All arrangements for free English courses at Alison are online. There are tailored courses for everyone. You can choose the courses you like. Do you want to study fast or slow? No problem, there have been a lot of options. If you can successfully complete a course from Alison, you can also receive a diploma certificate for a fee. As long as it is a website-based learning method, advertisements are displayed on the site. However, if you do not want to see ads, you can pay a small fee for ad-free access to all course materials for the entire year.

From Alison’s courses you can choose your needs and preferences for the following courses:

English Speaking Skills

English Grammar Courses

Introduction to Business Courses

Travel English Courses

Also, click here to see more details of all Alison’s English courses.


Massive Open Online English Course (MOOEC) is a great English learning site. Here also you can do the course for free. Whether you are an apprentice or a general acquaintance in English, you will find a course in MOOEC for you. The courses here are made by skilled teachers from different universities and colleges. Their teaching quality is very high. Here you can practice the short courses first. Then if you think long courses can be done or will work for you, you can be admitted to any long course. Here is the syllabus of all the great English courses that will develop you as a smart Englishman.

Here are some links to MOOEC courses:

IELTS Listening Course

Common Mistakes in English

Elementary English Course


There are some major drawbacks to taking online courses. One of the drawbacks is, there is no teacher can be contacted. I mean, the interaction doesn’t happen. But it would be nice if an organization could offer that opportunity online, wouldn’t it? Yes, FutureLearn will do that just. Not only that, they will arrange an interaction with their other online students around the world. FutureLearn has many courses that have a specific start date.

As a result, you can easily do group study with others. So their courses are a great way to learn English. From here you can also collect certificates at the end of the course. Most of these courses are formulated by one or the other university or college. FutureLearn usually offers English courses in the academic field. So if you do any course from here, it will be very useful in the academic field.

Courses in FutureLearn that you will enjoy:

Curse on Writing in English for University Study.

Cambridge English IELTS

Understanding the IELTS

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