Turn on these settings for Windows PC security

New malware is appearing almost every day. If you, as a digital citizen, are concerned about this growing security risk, you can take some necessary steps to increase the security of your Windows computer. There are three simple ways you can take your computer security to the next level.

Microsoft’s Windows operating system has a built-in antivirus called Windows Security. Microsoft is doing its best to improve this service through regular security updates. There are also some more options in the settings, through which it is possible to increase the security of the computer at a significant rate. Let’s learn about the 3 important settings of Windows computers that will increase the security of the computer.

Ransomware Protection

Windows computers have built-in ransomware protection. With the introduction of Ransomware Protection, the security of the computer becomes more impenetrable by introducing security to the files and folders in the computer.

If you find the Ransomware Protection feature and turn on the Controlled Folder Access option, you will not get access to unauthorized apps and program folders and files. This feature ensures that the files on the computer do not fall prey to unwanted ransomware attacks.

You can get the Windows Ransomware Protection feature in the security app. To access Windows Security, go to Settings, click on the Privacy & Security option, and then select Windows Security. After entering Windows Security, click on “Virus & threat protection”. Then enter the Ransomware Protection page by clicking on the “Manage ransomware protection” option.

Then turn on “Controlled folder access”, so that unapproved apps will not be able to access or edit documents, photos, videos or any files.

Windows BitLocker

Computer security can also be increased by using Windows BitLocker. Turning on the BitLocker feature encrypts the computer files. This encryption system works with a TPM chip built into the Microsoft account and the computer. 

Windows BitLocker generates a recovery key that allows you to access files from the Windows Reset or Restore screen. You can utilize this feature in Windows 10 and Windows 11 Pro versions. Read this article to know how to use Windows BitLocker.

Windows Sandbox

Windows Sandbox can be a great way to increase computer security. This feature allows you to use a sandbox virtual machine on your computer. Apps that seem to have security risks in installing them can be tested by first installing them on this virtual machine.

In addition, if you suspect that a file contains viruses or malware, you can check the virtual machine. Note that this feature will only work on the Pro version of Windows. Windows Features The Windows Sandbox feature can be turned on or off. After turning on the feature, you can use Windows in sandbox mode after restarting the computer. Although it may take some time to verify the security of the software or file with this feature, it can be very useful in ensuring the maximum security of the computer.

Windows Sandbox can be a great way to give your computer extra protection from malicious programs or files. You must have the required requirements before using the feature.

Enter Control Panel to launch Windows Sandbox. After instaling the sandbox, you need to restart the computer and then start using the sandbox.

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